Paper cup flexo printing machine

Model :CH6-1200A Maximum winding and unwinding diameter:ф1524 Inner diameter of paper core: 3″OR 6″ Maximum paper width: 1220MM Repeat length of printing plate:380-1200mm Plate thickness: 1.7mm or to be specified Thickness of plate mounting tape:0.38mm or to be specified Registration accuracy:±0.12mm Printing paper weight:40-140g/m2 Tension control range :10-50kg Maximum printing speed:100m/min Maximum machine speed:150m/min

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The following is the operation flow of Flexographic printing machine unwinding and rewinding

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1.The In Line Flexo Printing Machine enables double-sided printing by changing the conveying route of the substrate. 2.The printing material can be a single sheet of paper, cardboard, corrugated paper and other rigid materials, or can be a roll type of materials such as self-adhesive paper and newspapers. 3.The Inline Flexo Printing Machine has strong post-press capabilities. Arranged flexo printing units can facilitate the installation of auxiliary equipment. 4.Inline flexo press  In addition to completing multi-color printing, it can also be coated, varnished, hot stamped, laminated, punched, etc. Forming a production line for flexographic printing. 5.Large area and high technical level requirements. 6.It can be combined with a gravure printing machine unit or a rotary screen printing machine as a printing production line to enhance the anti-counterfeiting function and decorative effect of the product.

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The printing units of each color are independent of each other and arranged horizontally, and are driven by a common power shaft. The printing unit is called Inline Flexo Printing Machine, which is the standard model of modern flexo printing presses.

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In line flexo printing machine is mainly used for the printing of paper materials such as paper cups.

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